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Essential Guide For Choosing Pop-Up Trade Show Booths

One of the factors that will determine the success you will achieve in a trade show is the choice of the pop-up display booth. This can be explained by the fact that the booth projects the face of your business and brand. People who attend trade expos have a high possibility of converting to your business paying customers. This means that you should ensure that you take full advantage of that situation to capture their attention.

When choosing the right pop-up trade show booth, it is important to take into consideration the issue of portability. You need an item that you can carry and assemble in an easy and convenient manner. Preferably choose a display booth that can also act as a counter when a counter top and graphic wrap is included in the package.

You need to go for a stand shape that suitably fit the available space of assembling the pop-up trade show display booth. The stands can be applied in the creation of curved or straight backdrop. In the event you have inadequate room you can opt for straight backwall since it can sit comfortably flush to the wall. The backdrop can be used for photography purposes or for ceremonies for awards. For curved pop up displays they do well when used to showcase your personalized messages and artworks during exhibitions and events.

Depending on your specific needs, you need to figure the kind of trade show pop up display bundle that will suit you. A full bundle is more comprehensive as it contains the standard frame, graphics set, lights and a wheeled case that is essential for transportation and storage that is secure. On top of that it includes a graphic wrap that coverts easily into a promotional event counter. You can learn more about pop up booths or get the best ones at

You must ensure that you transport the trade show pop up display in a safe and secure way. Failure to do so may result in the display getting damaged. Ensure that during the process of packing print side of the graphic panels are rolled facing up and should be stored in the case. Go for a sturdy wheeled case that you can find included in the kit or buy it separately.

It is important to purchase your trade show pop up display from a reputable dealer. Look for the presence of a dedicated account manager and excellent customer service in the company that you have chosen. The quality of the print must high alongside getting a guarantee for the display. You should be able to obtain assistance from the firm in artwork design. You can read more on this here:

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